So What's It Like To Be Married To A Parkour Athlete?

By now you should have a bare-bones understanding about the sport of parkour, but can you imagine if you were married to one of its high-flying athletes? We asked wife Becky Andersen to spill the beans on what being married to Pip (who you'll meet on tonight's premiere of "MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge") is like. Here's what she said:

Being the wife of a parkour athlete makes life very exciting. It definitely forces me to live life in the moment, as things tend to happen last minute. Last year, with just 48-hours notice, Pip had to fly to L.A. for two weeks, returning just days before our wedding! In that time he had to write his speech, sort out the music for the reception and go to the wedding rehearsal. So it can be difficult to plan ahead, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

People often ask me, "Don't you get scared he's gonna hurt himself?" It’s kind of difficult to answer that because I’m confident he knows his limits and wouldn't attempt something if he didn't think it was possible. Yet, when I see him on top of a four-story building about to kong a 12-foot gap, I get scared; I'm reminded that there is always a risk. All in all, his constant ability to improve never ceases to amaze me.

Another great thing about being married to a parkour athlete is the opportunity to travel. We're currently spending four months in Los Angeles filming for "MTVs Ultimate Parkour Challenge."

Overall, being the wife of a parkour athlete has good and bad points, but for me the nine months that we've been married have definitely made life more interesting!