Does Ryan Know What's Going On, Or Is He Getting Played?

No one wants to go into The Exile, but if they have to, they want to go up against the weakest team -- and this season, that's Ryan and Theresa ... or is it? Before Danny went into The Exile on tonight's episode of "Fresh Meat II," he warned his alliance that Ryan and Theresa are off limits. Team leaders Wes and Evelyn are saving the duo in case they have to go in. (Smart move. )

+ At the end of the episode, Wes and Ryan sat down for a bunk bed powwow to discuss their anti-Kenny plans, but Ryan's definitely playing both sides. Think Wes' no-one-puts-Ryan-in strategy will take Ryan and Theresa to the end, or is it only a matter of time before he gets tossed into the lion's den? Sound off in the comments!

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