4 Reasons We're Really Feeling The New Guy Zach

Oh Zach, we've known you for less than 24 hours and we're already smitten. There's been a dangerously severe drought of stellar guys on "The City," so it could be the dehydration talking, but we think -- nay -- we KNOW we like you. As soon as you flashed your pearly whites during the meeting with Kelly Cutrone, we sincerely believed you had the potential to be a winner.

Here are the four reasons we're feelin' a serious Zach Attack coming on:

1. Super-Talented

Photographers who take nude shots can go one of two ways: They can be total creeps that shoot for boobie magazines or the next Helmut Newton. While he's still an up-and-coming photographer, Kell knows how to spot an avant-garde artist when she sees one, so we're banking on the latter.

2. Memerizing Smile

Have you dedicated enough time gazing at the photo above? No? We'll wait. Hey, it's not a Clooney, but those dimples give off a sense of honest joy. If he smiled at us, we'd smile back.

3. Eye For Fashion

He's pretty much the opposite of Freddie Fackelmayer, and that's precisely why we like him. Zach's downtown style reminds us a bit of Jay's (which may or may not be a good thing) and is the total antithesis of that  obsessed-with-abbreviating-fashion-labels guy.

4. Humble Around The Ladies

At the end of the photo shoot, he went from being the somewhat cocky get-in-the-van photographer to a shy and conscious guy. Instead of asking Roxy out point blank, he danced around and tried to find out what her "situation" was. Aww.

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