Erin Compliments Olivia! But How Long Can She Play Nice?

We have to congratulate Erin Kaplan. If there's one thing she really learned from watching herself on "The City" last season, it's how to put on a better poker face. Take tonight, when she relaxed her natural smirk long enough to look right at Olivia and praise her on-camera interview with Anna Sui. (Too bad Liv couldn't rise to the occasion and turn her head in Erin's direction!)

Of course, we're not actually buying that the coworkers' peace treaty from last week's premiere meant anything other than the fulfillment of a boss's request (no more pressing than, "Hey, can you grab me some of that leftover quinoa from the lunch meeting?") -- but it's fair to say that we're impressed by Erin's willingness to this time play the game with more strategery, which means playing the part of someone who gives a s**t about what Liv thinks.

So just how long can Erin keep up this cute little act? It certainly isn't instinctive for her to smile pretty and bite her tongue ... and to be honest, we'd be really bummed out if that were the case. Here's hoping next week's episode brings less high-pitched hellos and more "listen here, sisters."

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