Kristin vs. Stephanie: Who Should Apologize?

Ooh, we love gossip! But apparently, Kristin Cavallari does not (at least, not when it's about her!). The first thing Kristin did when she returned from Miami was hit up Audrina’s pad to find out exactly who was masterminding the nasty rumors being spread. 'Drina played clueless but still managed to sorta throw Lo and Stephanie under the bus Range Rover, confirming K-Cav's original suspicions.

Kristin thinks Steph's a nosy sh** talker (Brody agrees, even though his opinion is kinda irrelevant in the matter, don't ya think?) and Steph thinks Kristin is just looking to point the finger. Either way, someone needs to bite the bullet and apologize ... or do they? Take the poll and let us know what you think.

Who should apologize?

  • Kristin. She has no proof Steph spilt the beans.
  • Stephanie. She needs to butt out altogether.
  • Both of them should grow up and say sorry.
  • It's not necessary for either of them to apologize!

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