K-Cav Throws Worst Party Ever! What 5 Tricks Could've Made It More Fun?

How bad was the vibe at Kristin Cavallari's party? So bad we almost wrote a list of seedy bar bathrooms we'd rather be stuck in for hours without hand sanitizer ... but that would have taken all night. Instead, we came up with this here list of party tricks that could've maybe helped lighten the mood.

1. Use surprise guests as conversation starters.

All people get giddy around harmless things that are soft to the touch -- like babies, and cocker spaniels. But if you don't have one of those neato items to show off, we recommend renting a small circus pet, preferably of the furry/toothy/grinny variety. (Spider Monkeys are guaranteed to work wonders.) You'd be surprised how many interesting conversations can come from letting a wild animal run loose on the patio!

2. Pass out crystals as party favors!

Spencer's housewarming gift (pictured above) was quite thoughtful, and potentially therapeutic. According to some experts, crystals worn around the body are one of the oldest remedies around and can be used for anything from psychic awareness to healing an emotional wound -- or bringing about love, money or protection. Fancy that, everyone could've been as calm as Spence if he'd only offered to share some of his accessories. (Dibs on the Key to Atlantis next time!)

3. Serve food.

Was it just us, or did every girl there look really hungry? We know it's not necessarily sexy to stuff your face at a party with wings or pigs in a blanket, but a carrot stick, shot of vitamin water and cube or two of cheese would only have cost about 35 calories and could have made all the difference in Stephanie's teary confrontation with her bro.

4. Play Pictionary, or something equally as dorky.

OK, so board games don't normally come to mind when you envision a swanky L.A. gathering, but we've never known an "uncool" activity like this to fail in cranking up the fun factor, or getting people's minds off all the petty BS they've been bitching about since their first trip to the party ball. Even gossipy lushes have an eternal kid lurking inside!

5. Get shy guests moving with a crack-filled piñata.

Hey, if you can't beat the rumors ...