'The City' Poll: Why Won't Olivia Support Whitney's Line?

The job of a fashion designer never stops, especially when you debut your line to stellar reviews. After Whitney Port sent her collection down the runway, mentor/PR genius Kelly Cutrone said the next thing for her to do was activate "Operation Pimp Collection," which meant it was time to garner some editor love.

During Whitney's press presentation, Roxy called Olivia at the last minute to see if she'd like to come check out the clothes. As a total "favor," 'Liv sour-pussed her way down to the showroom and offered up info about ELLE's upcoming "Emerging New Designers" feature, but then ignored Kelly's idea to include Whit in it. (Um, why'd you bring it up?)

Any idea why Olivia's just not into Whitney Eve? 'Liv sorta-covers accessories, and fashion eds can get real pissy if you step on their pointy toes (trust us, we know!), so maybe she was trying to respect the boundaries? Or, maybe she's just a hater. What do you think? Take the poll!

Why didn't Olivia want to support Whitney's collection?

  • She didn't like it, and she's entitled to her opinion.
  • Because she's a jealous byotch!
  • She didn't want to step on the fashion editors' toes.

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