VIDEO: Kenny And Theresa Debate Wes's Attractiveness

When we recently caught up with Wes backstage at the "Fresh Meat II: After Show" taping, dude was feelin' uncharacteristically chatty about his least favorite subject: Kenny. But it wasn't all bad things he had to say. Wes actually admitted to thinking his longtime rival is "attractive" (well, as long as the TV's on mute). How refreshingly honest-slash-intriguing!

On the other hand, when Kenny, Theresa, Ryan and Laurel stopped by the office to shoot our weekly 'Raw Meat' interview series, the Challenge's notorious Italian Stallion had a bone to pick with Theresa for finding Wes even remotely handsome. We guess, as Ryan points out, not everyone can be from Jersey...

BONUS: After the jump, hear Kenny's reasoning for telling Wes that Theresa liked him first. And when we say "reasoning," we mean 4th grade logic.