Top 5 Most Memorable Moments From Season 2 Of 'Taking The Stage'

It's a sad day for "Taking the Stage" fans because as of tonight, Season 2 is finito. But that doesn't mean we have to stop daydreaming about ballerinas and bboys! Join us as we relive our top 5 most memorable moments from the past season.

Moment No. 1: Ian's payback-is-a-bitch rap

Why It Stood Out: During Ian's Monster Mash party, he grabbed the mic and dissed Adam. Of course, he was only doing it to get Adam back for singing "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" in front of the entire school (which included girlfriend Emily).

What You Thought: 59 percent of you said that Adam was in the wrong for clowning Ian on stage, so we guess he had it coming.

Moment No. 2: Tyler rocking his "Stomp The Yard 2" audition

Why It Stood Out: Ty had a life-changing opportunity in front of him, and up until the last minute we had absolutely no idea whether or not he was going to pursue the movie biz or return to the 'nati.

What You Thought: Almost 70 percent of you said that Ty screwed the pooch and totally should have bailed on "Fame." Good thing he got another shot at Hollywood!

Moment No. 3: Adam's performance of "She's The Brave One"

Why It Stood Out: Um, we nearly ran out of tissues listening to the heartfelt ballad about his grandmother.

What You Thought: At the start of Season 2, 46 percent of you said that this singing cowboy's talent impressed you the most.

Moment(s) No. 4: Emily Silber and Tyler's budding romance

Why It Stood Out: It was like watching the quarterback date the captain of the cheerleading squad, except in a much more digestible context.

What You Thought: 57 percent of you saw their breakup coming from the beginning.

Moment No. 5: Emily Sones' Homecoming heartbreak

Why It Stood Out: Not that we're supportive of poorly timed breakups, but when Ian dumped Emily, we were a wee bit anxious to see what the newly single bird would go do next.

What You Thought: 60 percent of you were itchin' for them to end things so Emily could get with Adam.

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