'TTS' Season Finale! Should Emily Sones Finally Get With Adam?

Tonight's season finale of "Taking the Stage" was brimming with all sorts of juicy high school drama. From The Dance Crew Competition, hosted by "8 Mile" SCPA's hypeman Ian, to Carlton and Anna's already-over relationship, there wasn't a slow moment.

We've been silently cheering on lovesick Carlton this entire time, so the fact that Anna called things off 'cuz he flew in for a smooch really bums us out, but we can't really blame the girl for sticking to her guns. We are, however, not-so-silently jumping in our seats about Emily Sones and Adam. He got his guitar strings caught in a sticky situation the last few episodes, but after dedicating some smooth tunes to Em on her birthday, it looks like the cowboy might've dug himself completely out of the hole.

+ Should Emily forgive Adam and agree to be more than friends, or do you think she'll just get hurt? Take the poll!

Should Emily give Adam another chance?

  • Yes, he totally likes her.
  • No, he ruined his chance the first time.