Kenny vs. Wes: Which Beefcake Are You Rooting For?

When "The Ruins" ended, Wes and Kenny were ready to rip out each other's eyeballs. And with so many  intricacies of their not-friendship, it was hard at times to determine who the bad guy was. After all, they both acted like total asses. (Kenny had previously hooked up with Wes' ex-girlfriend Johanna on "The Island," but Wes sabotaged his entire team.)

If tonight's premiere episode of "Fresh Meat II' threw you off, don't get it twisted -- Kenny and Wes are NOT allies. It's only a matter of time before the claws come out and they step back into their respective battlefields. So make sure you're ready when it happens and pick a side now!

Whose team are you on?

  • Team Kenny
  • Team Wes
  • Team Neither