‘RW: D.C.’ May Be Over, But The Love’s Lasted (For Some, At Least)

On tonight’s season finale, we bid farewell to the hotheaded housemates of “Real World: D.C.” — but the show wasn’t totally ova, as everyone joined forces once again for the tell-all “Reunion.”

The O.G. crew stirred up some old unsettled drama, like Erika’s eagerness to hijack Josh’s band (while simultaneously throwing him under the bus) and “I’m-not-a-b***h” Ashley’s short fuse. Newly redhead Emily channeled her inner Dr. Drew, claiming that Josh was a sex addict all along, but one of the biggest shockers came from Andrew, who revealed that not only is he still dating Andrea, but they’re shackin’ up!

+ We’re glad to see that everything worked out between Drewbie and his girl, but do you think he jumped in too fast? Take the poll!


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