‘RW: D.C.’ Poll: Do You Want To See Mike In Office One Day?

Tonight the “Real World: D.C.” house took its final bow, but not before the housemates accomplished a few more things: Andrew opened up to the idea of Andrea moving to Colorado, Callie produced a profitable flicka show and Mike knocked a few politicians’ argyle socks off with his well-articulated push for equality.

It was also an episode about one-upping your roommates. (Panda may have walked inside the White House, but Mike attended the HRC National Dinner … where his hero, President Obama, spoke!).

Unfortunately, Mike had to face some haters as well. While at the Equality March, he was confronted with an anti-gay demonstrator — the very antithesis of what he stands for. Irritated by it, Mike responded antagonistically, but his dad persuaded him to go back and give the activist a chance to plead his case. While neither party abandoned ship, it was commendable to see him handle himself with such composure.

+ Mike’s been tested quite a few times in D.C., and he always seems to stand firm on his beliefs. Do you think he has a future in politics? Take the poll, then check out our “D.C. on the DL” exclusive, where the roommates talk about Mike’s potential.

Do you think Mike has a future as a politician?

  • No. He might be too emotionally connected to the issues.
  • Absolutely. He’s the right guy for the job!
  • Maybe, it’s worth a shot.

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