'16 And Pregnant' Follow-Up: Nicole And Tyler Are Still Hoping For Six Kids!

On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we met Nicole and Tyler, two young people very much in love but ill-prepared to become parents. However, with all they were up against, by the end of the show Tyler had secured a steady job (and quit smoking!), and Nicole had really started to get the hang of motherhood. Check out the new mom's update below to see how life is progressing for the teen couple and their baby, Brooklyn.

I've had to grow up much more quickly because of Brooklyn. I don't regret having her, but I regret having to do this at such a young age. Luckily, I have Tyler and our families to support us.

Tyler is the most supportive boyfriend I could ask for. He always helps me take care of the baby -- I don't even have to ask. He wakes up throughout the night and feeds her, changes her and makes her laugh. I think the best thing for Brooklyn is a dad who supports her and loves her and is there for her no matter what. It's also great that she gets to see what a good relationship we have.

My mom's also been very supportive, right from the beginning. Yes, I was surprised to see her excitement about my pregnancy, but very glad that she was more than happy to become a grandmother. She actually told everyone that she couldn't wait for Brooklyn to be born! I'm so glad I don't have a mom that kicked me out.

I am currently living with my mom at my house, as well as with Tyler and his grandma at his house. The crib is at my house, so that's where I spend most of the time -- but Tyler has a bassinet in his room for when I stay there (like when my mom has to work).

Tyler and I are only able to support the baby financially with help from both grandmas. Even though Tyler works all day and goes to school at night, he only makes so much in his paycheck. Still, he's dedicated to having our baby's needs come first.

I knew jumping into motherhood would really change my life. People told me it would be hard raising a baby at such a young age, but I never expected it to be this hard. I was a heavy sleeper before I had Brooklyn, so it's very tough to get up all night. Plus, the lack of sleep makes daily parenting difficult.

The best thing about being a mother for me is being that lucky person who was able to make something so little and so special. I'm looking forward to seeing Brooklyn take her first step, say her first word and bring home her first drawing from kindergarten. She already smiles and laughs, which makes our days.

Tyler and I are still hoping to have six kids one day -- but for now, we need to focus just on Brooklyn and how we're going to raise her so young and moneyless.

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