'16 And Pregnant''s Samantha: Jordynn Was 'The Smartest Mistake Of My Life'

On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," you met Samantha, a young woman who struggled with an incredibly painful labor and the stress of juggling school with motherhood. Check out Samantha's blog post below, in which she gives us an update on her relationship with Eric and how the first year of parenting is going.

I’m currently staying with Eric and his family, and I guess it’s going OK. The only thing is, I feel like my mom isn’t completely happy about me living there, and I miss her sometimes as well. I try my best to go visit her every day after school.

Life at Eric's is definitely not even close to being at my home, but his family tries to make me feel welcome. They are also playing a huge part in helping us support the baby financially. I always said that Jordynn was our baby, which meant that she was our responsibility -- but I guess I didn’t completely understand how hard it would be. I just started working at Best Buy, so that’s a great opportunity for me to make money, and this summer Eric will go to work with his dad on the oil rigs.

There is a lot of stuff that the show didn’t capture. Eric was a very supportive boyfriend, and still is, but we tend to bump heads a lot. We don’t always agree on everything, so we’re just taking things day by day. I know he’s a good dad, and I know he loves Jordynn, but he still isn’t understanding where I’m coming from sometimes when I ask him for help. I guess it'll take a little more getting used to us parenting together.

The first year of being a mommy isn’t all that I imagined it to be. It’s put a lot of stress on my relationship with Eric. Juggling school, work, family, Eric and Jordynn is definitely not easy. Sometimes it feels like there is no more time for me. What can I say, though? This is my life now. Jordynn is my life; making sure she’s happy, has everything she needs and that she’s protected.

I NEVER regret deciding to keep Jordynn. She was the smartest mistake of my life. I know nothing will be easy from here on out, but she is my entire world. I’d do anything and everything for her. I think I’ll do a great job raising her, even though I'm so young. I just wish I would have waited a few years.

It may be tough, but there are a lot of things I love about parenting, like when I play with Jordynn and she smiles. I could be falling apart one day, and as soon as I see her smile my heart melts. It’s as if everything is right in the world.