'Jersey Shore' Tan-O-Meter: Who Ranks The Brightest?

We fell in love with the "Jersey Shore" housemates for a variety of reasons ... and their porcelain skin wasn't one of them! While some of the crew has maintained their tans over the winter, others are totally slacking on their upkeep. Here, our first-ever (totally made up) Tan-O-Meter. Let's see who needs to get their bronze on before Season 2 hits the another Shore this summer:

Snooki and Pauly D


Voting Strategy: Snooki is an expert in the art of tanning, recently revealing her secrets via her YouTube channel. And Pauly D, well, wouldja look at him? Guess that's the result of buying a tanning bed for your home!

The Situation


Voting Strategy: Mike's always been the guy that spends most of his energy sculpting his chiseled abs and bronzing his bod, so we're a little surprised to see him rock this slightly subdued shade. He probably just needs one good fake 'n' bake sesh to step up his terra-cotta game.

Ronnie and Sammi


Voting Strategy: We don't know what's going on with these two. Maybe they've been so deeply entrenched in an ex-lovers' quarrel that they haven't been outside in months? Either way, it looks like winter has been tough on them and they need to get to the beach pronto.



Voting Strategy: Jenni's really been cleaning up her act lately. She's allegedly stopped drinking and even started incorporating fitness into her hectic lifestyle. So while she's lost some of that orange hue, girl's still got a healthy glow.



Voting Strategy: We're at a total loss here. We're a huge fan of his witty antics and Mama's Boy ways, but Vin's skin is blending in with that stark white couch! Time to get crackin'!

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