ABDC Taping Highlights: A Guest Steals Some Precious Moments!

The crews literally lit up the stage at last night's ABDC taping (and we ain't just talking about the disco-themed dance floor!), but the coolest surprise was when Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe showed up. She came to support the crews (and to steal a hug from her celeb-crush JC Chasez). Here are some more highlights from the evening:

— Role reversal happens as one tiny female picks up her male counterpart!

— One crew starts working out mid-performance.

— An injury has dramatic results on one of the dancers and their crew.

— One crew releases a walrus on stage!

Omarion compares a dance mistake to a car crash.

If you haven't seen Gabby's critically acclaimed feature yet, Precious is now available on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and as a digital download from Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

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