The Five Most Notorious Bad Boys Of The Hills

The Hills would be a completely different (i.e. boring!) show if it wasn't chock-full of handsome dudes with too cool 'tudes. And while watching these bad boys' bad behavior sometimes seemed unbearable, more often we couldn't get enough of their antics. Lets take a trip down memory lane and recall The Hills' most flagrant fellas, shall we?

Bad Boy: Spencer

Why: Long before he had his heart set on marrying Heidi, Spence dated Audrina behind Heidi's back.

Total Tool Moment: Heidi was working the red carpet at Area, and Spencer brought Audrina to the club. Upon confrontation, Spencer swore on his life that they came separately. (Liar!)

Bad Boy: Justin

Why: Audrina sought out Lauren's approval of her new boy, but Justin failed to impress her, to say the least.

Total Tool Moment: Over drinks, Justin was rude, burped (the alphabet) at the table and told LC he didn't care what she thought about him. Gotta admire his directness!

Bad Boy: Jason

Why: Close your eyes and travel back to Season 1, when he was Lauren's argumentative boyfriend. (You know, the one she picked over Paris?)

Total Tool Moment: Jason flipped out on New Year's Eve because Lauren's ex-boyfriend David called. A full night of drama ensued.

Bad Boy: Cameron

Why: Passive from the start, he didn't stand up for Stephanie when Brody made her cry. Plus, Spencer never liked the guy.

Total Tool Moment: During one of their final talks, Stephanie said she deserved better. Cameron didn't object.

Bad Boy: Jordan

Why: On the night of Jordan and Heidi's six-month anniversary, they got into a big fight at LAX nightclub.

Total Tool Moment: After the club, Jordan confronted Heidi and told her to "shut up." (Spencer may be a lot to handle sometimes, but he'd never tell the wifey to simmah down!)