Your ABDC Guide To Disco Terminology

Since most of the ABDC audience wasn't even born until the '80s, we thought we'd school you all in some disco definitions. Get ready to getcha '70s on Thursday night.

The Hustle: The basic dance of disco, usually done with a partner. The movement is done in a series of rock-back steps, hand-holding and switching places. Partners build up speed, while performing finger turns, overhead arm moves and fancy footwork.

The Bump: The idea behind this move is to accent the hits in the music with as many different body parts as you can. Hips, elbows, knees and even the top of the head were considered very sassy back in the day.

The Electric Slide: Just about everyone has busted out with this dorky dance at a wedding, bar mitzvah or sweet 16. It's performed by sliding your feet across the floor with your body following in close pursuit. In its purest form, it's actually a country line dance!

The Strut: Syncopated walking with the groove of the music is the essence of the strut. Wanna see it done perfectly? Check out John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive (worth a DVD rental, people!). Fancy-ass footwork makes this dance one of the most jive dances around. Yeah, we said jive.

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