Top Three Career Picks For The City's Olivia Palermo

As a famous-ish 'social' in NYC, The City's Olivia Palermo leads a pretty charmed life. But even with all the designer clothes and classy parties, one area seems a bit stressful: work. There's so much tension between her and Elle colleague Erin Kaplan that maybe it's time for Liv to start considering a new career path. Here are a few other possible employment options we think she should explore one day:

New gig: Wedding Planner

Why she'd rock: Olivia doesn't like being told what to do, so what better role to play than that of a wedding orchestrator? You can't be successful at this job without having a strong opinion and impeccable sense of style, which Liv's got in droves. Plus, bridezillas ain't got nothin' on the fashion divas she's used to feuding with.

New gig: Private Investigator

Why she'd rock: Granted her threads are way too high-end for a down-and-dirty kinda job like this, but she already proved that she had secret-agent skills when she went undercover to spot fake handbags. If she can hold her own against the Canal Street crooks, she can probably catch someone's cheating husband, too.

New gig: Print Model

Why she'd rock: Her flawless skin and photogenic manner make her an excellent candidate. It would be an interesting twist, since she's used to being behind the camera at work — and we think she's beautiful and confident enough to take fabulous pictures!

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What career should Olivia pursue next?

  • Wedding Planner
  • Private Investigator
  • Print Model