VIDEO: Valerie's Decision To Keep Nevaeh Stemmed From Her Own Adoption Story

On tonight's episode of 16 and Pregnant, we met Valerie, an adopted girl who admittedly struggled for attention most of her life. (Who can blame her? She has 11 siblings!) At just 15, Valerie found out she was pregnant — and while her ex-boyfriend Matt was willing to play father from time to time, he had no interest in maintaining a romantic relationship with the young mother.

Despite the assumed hardships of being a teen mom, Valerie knew right away that she wanted to keep the baby. Perhaps her own story and perspective on the importance of family heightened her maternal will: "I can have the connection with [Nevaeh] that I never had with my real mom, cuz I don't know what that feels like," she commented during the episode.

For more of Valerie's point of view, check out this week's 16 and Pregnant After Show. SuChin Pak talks about why she never considered abortion or adoption, and reveals her hopes and fears for daughter Nevaeh.