'On The Wings Of Love' Poll: Did The Bachelor Choose Wisely?

Still in the midst of a demoralizing post-finale shameover, I must confess that I watched The Bachelor religiously this season, and with great fervor. It's not like I didn't have an excuse: For one thing, it's my job (yes, I'm very lucky) to live/breathe reality TV and its stars. And second, how could I NOT tune in to a show with an extended title like On the Wings of Love? (Oh, ABC ... you sure know your desperate, single women clinging onto fantasy audience!)

I also think it's neat to watch people shower from the neck up, without soap, and to hear them weep while bent over banisters. (As Chris Harrison pointed out to Jake on last night's After The Rose special, dude totally pulled a Mesnick!)

Most of the viewing public thought Ali Fedotowsky was a shoe-in from the start. The perky girl-next-door with a smartish side who was totally there for (wait for it) "the right reasons" probably would have made it to the final rose ceremony if she didn't have to go and care about her dumb career. Instead, sticky sweet Tenley Molzahn slid into Ali's spot, even though Jake didn't quite feel that "magical spark" (i.e., he knew she'd never be into getting freaky in the bedroom). And that's what love came down to last night -- wanting someone so bad you can't resist smearing mud all over their stomachs regardless of being surrounded by the rotting egg stench of sulfur.

Shout-out to Jake for making the "risky" choice and putting a ring on it. We certainly wouldn't have stood for another After The Rose dumping of the "safe" choice (a la Mesnick again!). And cheers to Vienna for landing her very own Richard Gere—a man who didn't judge her color-damaged hair or borderline inappropriate touching with her dad. I actually think these two have a chance of making it—if they drop off the face of Celebrity Earth pronto. Oh wait, Jake signed on for Dancing With The Stars. Happy annulment!

Anyway, we want to know if YOU think Jake made the right decision in picking Vienna. Take the poll and tell us: Was the risky choice the right choice?

Did Jake propose to the right girl?

  • Totally, you could tell he and Vienna are very much in love.
  • Nope, Tenley was perfect for him. He and Vienna don't stand a chance!
  • Dude shoulda just told Ali he loved her and called it a day.

Photo Credit: ABC.com