Turn The Beat Around Airs Tomorrow, Will It Be A Top Five Dance Movie Contender?

We all have secret passions. Some of us dream of becoming professional athletes or actors -- we, on the other hand, wished we could've been hip-hop dancers (or at least find some rhythm). Tomorrow at 10pm, MTV is premiering Turn The Beat Around starring Jason Derulo, Romina D'Ugo and Adam Taylor Brooks. The movie's about a young dancer trying to make it in L.A. -- and in honor of the film, we've rounded up our top five dance flicks of all time (well, within the last 10 years). Check 'em out and tell us if you agree with our picks!

1. You Got Served

Starring: Omarion, Marques Houston and J-Boog.

Tagline: If You Want Respect, You've Got To Take It.

Why We Love It: 'Cuz B2K were badass -- bump, bump, bump.

2. Save The Last Dance

Starring: Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas

Tagline: The Only Person You Need To Be Is Yourself.

Why We Love It: It was the modern day Dirty Dancing, plus Sean Patrick Thomas was just as steamy as Patrick Swayze.

3. Honey

Starring: Jessica Alba, Lil' Romeo and Mekhi Phifer

Tagline: Her Dream. Her Terms.

Why We Love It: Because Jessica Alba made us want to pair baggy pants with sports bras.

4. Step Up 2: The Streets

Starring: Robert Hoffman, Briana Evigan and Channing Tatum

Tagline: It's Not Where You're From. It's Where You're At.

Why We Love It: Even though Channing only had a small part, we can never get enough of him as a hot (and grimy!) street dancer.

5. Stomp The Yard

Tagline: Beyond The Pride. Beyond The Rivalry. Beyond The Tradition.

Starring: Meagan Good and Columbus Short

Why We Love It: These street-style dance moves made us wish we could do more than the Hava Nagila.

+ Wish we would have included old school flicks like Footloose or Flashdance? Sound off in the comments if we missed some of your faves.