Best (And Worst!) Prom Dresses In TV History

Earlier in the week, we showed you the wide array of over-the-top dresses Liz had to choose from for prom night with Bryson Sully. Overexposed skin and sequins weren't exactly her style, and to be honest, we also tend to appreciate a more reserved (i.e. less naked/glittery) look. So that's why we put together our picks for best and worst dresses in the history of teen TV shows -- because we'd hate for you to end up at your own big night feeling like this.


Brooke Davis' silky red number on One Tree Hill's "Prom Night At Hater High" episode included an element of surprise -- and smut -- under black light.

If 90210's Silver's dress were white, we'd definitely mistake her for a way-too-young bride (or out-of-place Cinderella) rather than the saucy, daring chick she really is. Life's not a fairytale, ladies. Dress accordingly.

In Smallville's "Spirit" episode, Lois swapped in a bustier and skirt for the traditional one-piece attire -- and we kind of really hate it. A lot. Especially since it's got a million rhinestones. And because Lois isn't supposed to be a washed up local pageant winner.

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90210's Naomi isn't always known for her subtlety of dress, but this slinky green gown paired with an elegant up-do showed a major dash of class.

On "The Prom" episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, its leading lady sparkled in a modern Renaissance look that made the evening appear that much more magical. And yes, that is an umbrella-ella-ella. What can we say? We have an accessories fetish, especially when they're able to double as weapons. (Self-defense can be pretty key at high school formals.)

Let it be noted that no girl should spend her entire savings on a prom dress (even if you're going with groovy Upper Eastsider Nate Archibald), but Blair Waldorf's gown on the "Valley Girls" episode of Gossip Girl was definitely a piece of art. And maybe something to shoot for owning in the future.