Teen Mom Nikkole Reveals: 'I Don't Really Need Josh Anymore'

In this week's sneak peek, we got a quick glimpse into the life of 16 and Pregnant’s new mom, Nikkole. And while we didn't get the backstory, it was clear that boyfriend Josh was bad news. On tonight's episode, we took a closer look at their troubled relationship.

After a series of breakup-to-makeups, the two reunited (despite everyone's disapproval) -- but their bliss didn't last long, as the couple quickly resorted back to arguing. He even stood her up after homecoming!

Some questions still remained after the episode ended: Why did Nikkole keep getting back together with Josh? Should she keep trying to make it work with him? Take the poll and chime in with your opinion, then check out this exclusive video from the 16 and Pregnant After Show where Nikkole sat down with MTV's SuChin Pak for a tearful confession about what unreciprocated love feels like and why she no longer says she needs Josh.

Should Nikkole have taken Josh back?

  • Yes. She loved him, and he is the baby's father after all.
  • No. He'll never be able to show up for her and Lyle the way they need.