Blueprint's D-Rice Is Chopping Three Years of Growth!

We told you the other day that for next week's ABDC challenge, each crew has to emulate a popular music video from the past decade. Blueprint Cru were handed a double whammy when they found out their challenge was to replicate a video by ABDC's own resident judge, Omarion.

Unfortunately, for BC's Derek Rice a.k.a D-Rice, that meant a trip to the barber. You see, he's been growing his hair for three years and longing to tie his locks up in a pony tail -- but that ain't happenin' no more. He's opted, without any pressure from show producers, to cut his hair like O's current style. A dream deferred.

Check back with us tomorrow. We'll show you exactly how it all went down and give you a sneak peek of his new look.