Ry Ry Seacrest Talks Life And Love With The TBL Cast

For years, the Buried Lifers have been spreading the word about their list one day at a time. And today, word got out in a big way when Duncan, Dave, Jonnie and Ben stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about their mission. Of course, Ryan being the hard-nosed intrepid reporter, he was able to score us a little more insight from Ben on his new maybe-relationship with The City's Whitney Port. (Unfortunately, Whitney wasn't around to comment on this latest nugget of gossip).

For the record, Ben says he sees Whit when he's in New York, but isn't labeling it anything serious as of yet. Listen to the full interview here to get the latest TBL news from your favorite travellin' men, plus stay tuned til the end to hear what the other three guys' current relationship statuses are.