Teen Mom's Maci: Our Show 'Really Hits People Hard'

There's a reason 18-year-old Maci decided to share her story with the world on Teen Mom. Although she loves her son to bits, she wanted people to see how much having Bentley changed her life, her relationship (she and Ryan are no longer together) and her dreams of pursuing a college degree.

Recently, Maci opened up about her experiences on the Teen Mom After Show and encouraged high schoolers to think twice before becoming sexually active. Now, she's hoping that Teen Mom has given viewers a deeper understanding of the joys -- and the heartbreaks -- of having a baby at such a young age.

“This show really hits people hard," Maci told the L.A. Times' Show Tracker blog last week. "In Juno or The Secret Life of An American Teenager, things are kind of glossed over and they don’t really show the hardships. On Teen Mom, there are girls from different parts of the country with different backgrounds. On every other [reality show], it’s just for entertainment. Our show is really educational and good for audiences who want to get a different mindset on teen pregnancy.”

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