Who Was Spittin' Static: Omarion or JC? Take Our ABDC Poll!

Last night's Static Noyze scurmuffle between judges Omarion and JC Chasez went a little something like this:

OMARION: It doesn't look like the feeling is there ... it's like you're trained to move your arms like this (motions his hands upward). I thought it was okay.

JC: With all due respect, I completely disagree with you.

OMARION: That's fine.

JC: You cared about doing the steps your way, and I would say, not imitating so many other styles. To Omarion: There's nothing wrong with being trained, by the way.

Maybe the best ABDC judge-to-judge disagreement we've witnessed in a long time! So whose side were you on? Take the poll!

Who made the right call when it came to Static Noyze?

  • JC
  • Omarion