An ABDC Romance? Some 'Legendary' Love Is In The Air!

While the boys from Legendary Seven were heartbroken after being eliminated in last night's East Coast regional final, one crew member was feeling the exact the opposite.

At taping, Javier Perez, Jr. confessed he had a schoolyard crush on Season Four champion Hiroka Mcrae, who just happened to be in the audience that evening -- and we caught the pair chatting in a corner backstage after the competition. Of course, we interrupted their flirting session to take the above pic. (We have no shame, people!)

The next day, Javier admitted to snaking Hiroka's digits. Homeboy is crushing hard, and lucky for him, the feeling seems to be mutual. Hiro told us she had an early flight to catch the next morning so she couldn't hang out ... but is hoping to run into him sooner than later.

In the meantime, Valentine's Day is coming up so maybe a certain somebody will send a certain someone some flowers from across the country. (Hint hint!)