Breaking 'Duh' Update: Mike Is Real World: D.C.'s Hottest Bachelor!

We haven't heard much about Mike's sexuality since Week One of Real World: D.C., when he kissed a guy, made out with Ashley (whoops!) and joined the Human Rights Campaign. 'Course, that doesn't mean he's had any trouble making new friends. On this week's D.C. on the DL, Callie and Emily hint at the sheer number of men who've tried to welcome Mike to Washington (apparently, there've been many!). Though, according to the ladies, he hadn't found a single lad he was interested in getting to know better ... until he met Eric. So did his new plus-one get the house's seal of approval? Listen up as Andrew and the girls give us their take on the object of Mike's affection.

+ Think Mike should play the field while he's in D.C.? Or should he ditch Eric -- and make things exclusive with his (pseudo) ex-boyfriend, Tanner? Tell us whether Mike should settle down, or go for broke!