Five Ways TBL's Ben Could've Landed A Date With Megan Fox

While we're still not sure why Ben picked Megan Fox of all people to ask out -- and by that we mean we're just jealous -- we do know for certain that things could've gone a whole lot differently if The Buried Life guys would have done some research into the celebrity psyche. Behold, our Top Five list of ways Ben might actually have a chance with Fox if a 'next time' ever comes around:

5. Famous actresses tend to be highly insecure, so hit her with some reverse psychology. Tell her, "That dress is dumb and so are you." She'll be like putty in your hands.

4. Wear something, anything, other than a velvet burgundy blazer.

3. Say you recently saw her on-again-off-again fiance David Silver Brian Austin Green kissing her doppelganger. Ten bucks says she'll want to make Brian jealous, and well, you kind of look a little like him.

2. Celebs -- well, all people actually -- love it when you flatter their work. Tell her the best part of Jennifer's Body was when she threw up black stuff all over the kitchen floor. Or when she bit off that dude's junk. That was movie magic.

1. Tell her you think she's amazing and you'd like to take her to dinner. Sincerity is all us silly girls really want anyway.

+ Did we miss anything? Add your own items to our list of Top Five Ways To Not Get Turned Down By Megan Fox Or Any Other Ridiculously Gorgeous Celeb!