VIDEO: Can Majestic Crew Get 'MADE' In Time For ABDC?

America's Best Dance Crews aren't born -- they're MADE. At least, that's how it is for one group of ABDC hopefuls. Meet Majestic Crew, a young (but determined) team of hip-hop dancers who dream of taking the Dance Crew stage by storm. So what's in their way? Well, if they wanna ace their Season 5 audition, they're gonna have to work harder than ever before and learn how to come together on AND off the dance floor.

Think these guys have what it takes to follow in Massive Monkees' footsteps? Watch a special ABDC episode of MADE this Sunday at 1/12c, then catch the Season 5 premiere of America's Best Dance Crew Thursday at 10/9c to see if Majestic make the cut!

+ Want more ABDC in your life (slash weekend)? Tune into MTV at 12/11c to crash Lil Mama's Birthday Ball! (Think My Super Sweet 16, for non-adolescents).