Didja Hear The One About Stephanie Pratt's Disappearing Car?!

It's been a busy week so far for Stephanie Pratt. Like Lo Bosworth, she doesn't mind a few raindrops (or dark, ominous-looking storm clouds), so she spent the beginning of it breaking in her winter boots, having playdates with Audrina Patridge and dreaming about Pauly D. And what'd the Hillzie do yesterday? Oh, you know, the usual -- she bought some long undies, spent some QT with Frankie Delgado ... and found out Shanna Moakler had (accidentally) stolen her ride!

"Omg the valet gave away my car! This can't be happening!" Steph tweeted last night, around 3am L.A. time. Fortch, it didn't take Shanna long to realize she'd mistakenly driven off in the Prattmobile. Within an hour, the girls were already chatting away (on Twitter, where else?) and discussing how quickly they could arrange a swap.

Thankfully, both reality stars managed to keep their heads (and their sense of humor) throughout the ordeal -- and this morning, Shanna had an important message for all her Twitter fans: Steph Pratt, she wanted them to know, "has great taste in cars."

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