Season's Over, Folks, But Jersey Shore One-Liners Will Live Forever!

These past two blissful months of Jersey Shore did so much more for the people of America (well, those who aren't from Seaside Heights) than simply keep us entertained. Aside from laughing our asses off for one straight hour each week, this show was the window into a whole new culture, the 250 watt amplifier of an entirely new language! From "creeping" to "smushing" to stepping on "grenades," there's no doubt the Shore's fluent cast left an indelible mark (hey, it looks a little like a cursive 'Cadillac' tattoo!) on our country's common vernacular.

So what was your favorite one-liner? We've gone ahead and picked our top 10 -- click on the cast member's names to hear 'em, then take our poll to vote for the one you've been inappropriately sneaking into conversation the most.

1. "I'm a bartender ... I do, like, great things." --Angelina

2. "That's why I don't eat frickin' lobster, or anything like that, cause they're alive when you kill it." --Snookie

3. "You can hate on me if you want to, but what can you say to somebody who looks like Rambo pretty much with his shirt off?" --Mike

4. "Chill out, Freckles McGee." --Mike

5. "I am like a praying mantis ... After I have sex with a guy, I will rip their heads off." --JWOWW

6. "I mean, this situation's gonna be indescribable ... You can't even describe the situation that you're about to get into the situation." --Mike

7. "He'd bang a Gatorade bottle if it had a pulse, at this point." -- Ronnie

8. "I'm goin' back to New York, where I take f**kin' shots with the owners after I beat bitches up." --JWOWW

9. "I thought you were like vomiting your brains out, I don't want your pukey breath on me." --Sammi

10. "I would send her a picture of my d**k in a pack of bubble gum and say chew on this." --Ronnie

Now, take the friggin' poll already!


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