What's Whitney Port's Fave MTV Show (Besides The City)?

Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari recently admitted they have a soft spot for Jersey Shore. And while Whitney Port's no stranger to Seaside Heights herself (she told her Twit fam Vinny's her fave cast member), she's even more excited about MTV's newest show: The Buried Life.

"This past week I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with the boys from The Buried Life. Ben, Dave, Jonnie, and Duncan," the City star wrote on her website. "They are so sweet and beyond ambitious. I am so excited to watch [their show]! They have me thinking about my own bucket list!"

(Hey, us, too!)

Glad to see you're so on board with The B. Life, Whit. If you ever want a job blogging 'bout the show, let us know! Just please, please promise you'll stay away from our boyfriend, BenDaveJonnieDuncan. (Sorry, lady -- he's taken!)