VIDEO: No More Sixes! How The Shore Changed The Situation's Love Life

The Situation's always had a quantity-over-quality approach to picking up chicks. 'Course, now that he (and the rest of the Jersey Shore gang) are kind of a big deal, he gets to sit back and wait while the ladies come to him! Yep, according to Mike and Pauly D, the girls have been crawling outta the woodwork ever since they hit the big time. In fact, dudes can't even fly by a cheesy strip mall without getting mobbed by fans. Check out the Jersey Shore Hook-Up and hear what the Shore studs-turned-reality TV stars had to say about their post-show love lives.

+ BTdubs, the boys aren't the only ones reapin' the benefits of fame. Hear Snooki sound off about their runaway hit and explain what it's like being the toast of the town the number one show at nursing homes!?