It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Jersey Shore ... So Don't!

Ay-Oh! Oh-Ay! It's almost time to mix up the RonRon Juice and press on the nails/lashes/remote control for the SEASON FINALE of The Greatest Friggin' Show On Earth. (As Snooki would say, "Whaaaa.")

It sure will be hard to say goodbye to the larger-than-life (yet shorter than average) likes of Pauly D, The Situation and JWOWW, but luckily, we've put together this here Jersey Shore Junkie's Survival Guide so  you won't have to experience any serious withdrawal symptoms. Just keep these links handy any time the detox gets tough and you're craving some of those awesome one-liners or online spoofs. In fact, why not run through the complete check-list of activities right now? It may soften the sting come 10:59pm tonight.

Step 1: Get your official JS tees!

Step 2: See how it all began.

Step 3: Recap the top Jersey Shore spoofs.

Step 4: Replay the best one-liners.

Step 5: Jersey Shore Yourself and post it to your Facebook, or ours.

Step 6: Make some prank calls, Jersey Style. (Not recommended for children. Only immature adults.)

And if all else fails, you can always cry to other fans on Twitter about how much you miss seeing the fist-pumpin' commotion at Karma :(