VIDEO: Did The Sitch Get Snooked In The Hot Tub?

The Situation lured a different girl into the hot tub every night of his (short but VERY memorable) stay in the Jersey Shore house -- and for his final trick, he crept into the jacuzzi with none other than his "family" member, Shnickers. So what'd they both have to say for themselves afterward? Well, Mike describes their steamy make-out sesh as "pure fun," while Snooks wants everyone to remember that she and Mike were the only ones really drinking that night.

The biggest question we had for the Snookuation: Did things go any further than what we saw on TV? Hear the duo break down their 'friendly' farewell on the season's final Jersey Shore Hook-Up!

BONUS: Before she got down with Mike, Snooki was still reeling from that creeptastic run-in with her ex. What was Justin's friggin' problem anyway? Listen up as Snooks dishes the dirt on her former bf, plus watch the then-couple duke it out on MTV's Is She Really Going Out With Him?.