From Instigator To Mediator: Is Ty A Nice Guy In Disguise?

Since arriving in D.C., Ty's managed to alienate his roomies (and, apparently, most of you) by dissing religion, blaming Emily for his messy breakup and honing in on Callie's biggest insecurity. So was he serious when he said he wanted to use this opportunity to grow? Based on what we saw during tonight's Real World, we'd have to say yeah.

Instead of fueling the fire between Ashley and Mike, Ty assumed the role of peacemaker, encouraging both parties to "chill out," take a step back and see where the other's coming from. In fact, Ty was such a calming, comforting presence it actually made us wonder: is he really an instigator? Or just a nice guy who got off on the wrong foot?

+ Think Ty turned over a new leaf tonight? Or did he (finally) show us what he's all about? Take the poll and tell us whether Ty's bark is as bad as his bite.

You tell us: Is Ty a good guy ... with a bad rep?

  • Definitely. It's about time he showed his true colors!
  • Not sure ... maybe there's more to him than meets the eye?
  • No way. First (and second, and third) impressions never lie.