VIDEO: What Were Ashley And Mike Really Fighting About?

Were Real World: D.C.'s Ashley and Mike really fighting about whether or not to talk to strangers? Sure, that's what it sounded like on the surface -- but something tells us these guys have been getting ready to butt heads for a while. Fact is, somewhere in between making out at a club (and sharing a pew at church), these roomies went from best friends to sworn enemies.

So what happened? Well, depending on who you believe, Ashley either went after Mike because: a) she secretly disapproves of his bisexual lifestyle, b) it's her way of coping with rejection, c) she really, really likes to fight or d) all of the above. Hear Andrew, Callie, Emily and Ty hash it out in this week's D.C. On The DL, then hit us with your best theories in the comments.