VIDEO: Cori a.k.a. 'Pure Evil' Claims She's Misunderstood

"Some people will think that I'm really, really mean, which I really don't think I am," insists Liz's outspoken nemesis Cori when asked to explain her reputation for "evil." But My Life As Liz's Blonde Brigader-In-Charge does admit to a few exceptions -- like when people are rude to her, of course she's not going to be nice back. Plus, if you've stepped on her once, she damn well isn't gonna let you do it again. And then there are the times when people take what she's saying "in the wrong way." Or when she doesn't know someone ... It's not like she's going to start chatting them up out of the blue. Check out her entire defense in the video below, plus after the jump, hear Liz object to it with every fiber of her being.