Poll: Is My Life As Liz Anything Like Your Own Life?

Last night's premiere of My Life As Liz had the Twitter world abuzz with comparisons to the late-great Daria, as well as viewers' own lives ... The lives that don't always make it onto camera.

Historically, it's the girl who always gets the guy -- and the guy who everyone wants to get with -- whom teen movies and TV shows revolve around. But MLAL attempts to put a refreshing twist on that old, tired story by allowing you into the world of an EX-popular girl. Just an ordinary -- and proud -- teenager searching for substance in a maize of high school pettiness. Know anything about it?

Take the poll and tell us: Can you relate to Liz's life?

Are you and Liz anything alike?

  • Totally! Finally, a girl on TV that I can connect with.
  • No, not at all. Please never ask me that again.
  • Not really, but I'm rethinking it.