Six Hours Buried Inside A Cake: Would You Do It?

On tonight's premiere of The Buried Life, four longtime friends decided the best way to cross off No. 6 on their bucket list ('Attend a Party at the Playboy Mansion') was to go rogue, Ben impersonating a semi-famous Portuguese soccer player and Jonnie and Dave Trojan horsing themselves onto the premises, disguised (naturally) as Oompa Loompas. (Why hadn't anyone else ever thought of this??)

While Ben Cristiano Ronaldo and his indignant manager (er, Duncan) didn't make it through the pearly gates (sorry, guys, even internationally-known soccer players need to call ahead for the guest list), Jonnie and Dave reached the motherland after enduring SIX LONG HOURS curled up inside a fake birthday cake. Backs aching from their incredible odyssey, they managed to ham it up with half-naked Bunnies and do cannonballs in the grotto, proving that all it takes is a little creativity -- and a whole lotta patience -- to make your dreams come true.

Our question: Would you have gone along with this mission? Take the poll and tell us whether partying at the Playboy mansion's an item that would surely make it onto your own list, and would be well worth the quarter of a day's wait to accomplish.