RW: D.C.'s Ashley Admits She Did Try Out For Playboy!

With all the yelling, screaming and spontaneous spitting that happened during this week's Real World: D.C., we almost lost track of what's really important: Ashley's stance on full frontal nudity. Turns out, the sassy brunette isn't just liberal when it comes to her political views. Before Episode 3 hit the airwaves, she took to the internets to set the record straight 'bout rumors that she auditioned for Playboy. Ladies and gentleman, be advised: everything you heard is 100 percent true.

"Right before I found out I'd been casted [on the Real World], my headshots were sent to Playboy into their general editor," she wrote on her personal blog. "A few days later I got a phone call from a Houston-based producer for the mag. They set me up with a private test shoot with an amazing *female* photographer Mikki Chernoff not far from my place."

So does she have any regrets? Nope, not a one! Ash said she had a blast and would do it again in a second.

"They were incredibly professional," she continued. "[They] made me feel very comfortable and I had a lot of fun ... In my opinion, Playboy is a tasteful magazine that shows women in their natural form beautifully. I feel honored that they were even remotely interested in me."