VIDEO: Are Vinny And The Sitch STILL Hatin' On Each Other?

Vinny and Mike might've started out as bros, but as the Jersey Shore season comes to a close, these two are practically at each other's throats. So what happened? Well, the way The Situation tells it to Real World/Road Rules Challenge's Kenny Santucci, Vinny was secretly hating on him since day one. From talking smack behind his back to calling his sister a "sure thing," Mike sez Vinny was a two-faced bit player who got about as much airtime as Angelina. (Ouch!) Hear The Situation give his assessment of Vinny's character (psst, he thinks Vinny totally wanted to BE him!), plus check out Snooki and Pauly as they discuss who made the most of their time at the Shore.

+ Fortunately, the Situation doesn't hold a grudge! After the jump, hear why he says he's still cool with  Vinny (and Ronnie!) despite all their trash-talkin'.

BONUS: Want more haterade? Hear Mike sound off about the AC "robbery" and tell us why he would've had no prob whatsoever throwing Vinny "in the trunk."

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