VIDEO: Has Pauly D Seen His 'Stage Five Clinger' Lately?

Pauly D didn’t come to the Jersey Shore to fall in love. The only commitments he had were to having fun, working on his tan and showing off his you-know-what ring. So, when Danielle started hanging 'round the pad 24/7 (and trying to entice him with promises of no-sex-til-marriage), Pauly wasn't exactly chomping at the bit. 'Course, we all know these shows have loose chronologies and the occasional production edit, so we gave poor Danielle the benefit of the doubt -- til we heard that her psycho-stalking tendencies didn't stop when the cameras went away.

So what really went down? Hear Pauly describe how Dani followed him from bar to bar and drove six hours to see him deejay at a club -- all because of those blissful TWO DAYS they spent swapping spit behind the boardwalk.

+ Anyone out there on Team Danielle? ANYONE? Take the poll and tell us whether you think she was head-over-heels in love -- or just reeeeeeeeally pissed about getting played.

You tell us: Is Danielle really a stage five clinger?

  • Um, obvi! It was like watching 'Fatal Attraction.'
  • Maybe ... but only cause Pauly strung her along.
  • No way. Girl was just trying to protect her rep.