Jersey Shore's JWOWW Is Lettin' You In Her Low-Cut Fashions!

Remember the (infamous) yellow shirt from Episode 2 of Jersey Shore? You know, the one that just barely covered JWOWW's you-know-whats (and enticed Pauly D into showing her his Johnson)? Well, now it can be yours for the bargain price of $39.99. Yep, JWOWW's launching her very own club-inspired clothing line (which she describes as "sexy sophisticated") and she's kicking things off by selling replicas of her how-low-can-you-go halter.

So does Jenni have the best style on the beach? Get the deets on her new line at her official site,, then take the poll and tell us which Jersey girl wins for all-around best dressed! (Bonus: Check it out! JWOWW's showin' off the shirt in blue below...)

You tell us: Who's got the best 'Jersey Shore' style?

  • JWOWW, queen of the halters.
  • Snooki, the trucker hat devotee.
  • Sammi, 'baby got booty' shorts!
  • Angelina (wait, WHO!?)