Teen Mom Poll: Has Farrah Gone Into 'Mommy Mode'?

Last week, we asked whether you thought Teen Mom's Farrah ought to spend more time with Sophia -- and an overwhelming majority of you said "yes." Well, you all got your wish on this week's episode when Farrah brought her baby girl everywhere from the library to the grocery store, and even managed to cook dinner while closely supervising Sophia.

Farrah also got along seamlessly with her mom and dad, and even made up with her sister, Ashley, because "it's important for Sophia to have her aunt in her life." (FYI, big sis returned the favor, telling Farrah she's totally gone into "mommy mode.")

So are we seeing the beginning of a new Farrah? A more grounded, hands-on Farrah, who spends her free time hanging with Sophia/bragging about her daughter's first word ("hi")? Tell us whether you think this Teen Mom's really starting to step it up!