VIDEO: Did Vinny Get Busy With Mike's Sis Out Of Spite?

We haven't seen much of Vinny since the Conjunctivitis Heard 'Round The World, but tonight, he tore up the screen with his hookup hijinks. After risking eviction by leaving the club with the boss' girl, Vinny made the moves on The Situation's little sister, despite describing her looks as "Mike without a wig on." So how far did things actually go between Vinny and Melissa? Well, according to Ronnie, Mike found them in bed together the very next day. In fact, the gang claims Vinny had waaaaay more extracurricular activities than the Jersey Shore cameras showed. Find out why RonRon's calling him a "creep on the low," plus hear why Vin (supposedly) went after Mike's sis "out of spite."

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